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Good Earth Farmhouse

The front of the school house.

Good Earth Farmhouse Good Earth Farmhouse

School Backyard

View of the back side of the school house from the backyard!

School Backyard School Backyard

Welcome Sign

Our Lovely Hand-painted Welcome Sign greets you as your walk into the Farm House.

Welcome Sign Welcome Sign

School Boots

The Kids School Boots lined up on the Fence

School Boots School Boots

Backyard of the Farm

View of the massive Oak Tree that protects our children and the swings in the background.

Backyard of the Farm Backyard of the Farm


Backyard View from the Farmhouse

Backyard Backyard

Side Yard

Side Yard to the Farmhouse, view of the butterfly garden, outdoor music area and petting zoo in the distance

Side Yard Side Yard

School Boots

All the kiddos keep their foots at the farm school - they are stored on the fence posts like this all year round.

School Boots School Boots

Good Earth Administration Office

The Good Earth Farm School Administration Office.

Good Earth Administration Office Good Earth Administration Office

Good Earth Farm

View of the Good Earth Petting Farm - some of the animals living here are goats, pigs, donkey and sheep

Good Earth Farm Good Earth Farm


Our Rabbits are well taken care of by the Saplings.

Rabbits Rabbits

ABC Fence

Our Fence features ABC Wood Letters - the kids love it!

ABC Fence ABC Fence

Playing Music

Children are enjoying playing music in the refreshing air.

Playing Music Playing Music

Exploring Music

Sharing instruments outside at our "Beat It" Music Station.

Exploring Music Exploring Music

The Great Chair

Kids love climbing up in the humongous chair - so much fun!

The Great Chair The Great Chair

Drum Car

The children love climbing in an 'driving' this imaginative drum car!

Drum Car Drum Car

Nature View

Seeing the beauty in nature, going on a nature hike on the farm and collecting goodies.

Nature View Nature View

Classroom View

This is our Treehouse Classroom - there are many areas for the kids to explore.

Classroom View Classroom View

Art Station

Creative Art Station is all set up and ready to be used

Art Station Art Station

Classroom Treasures

The shelves in the classroom are filled with Treasure for the children to explore

Classroom Treasures Classroom Treasures

Imagination Play

Pretend play with some farm yard animals

Imagination Play Imagination Play

Handprint Artwork

Our Sprouts and Saplings created this beautiful hand-print artwork and then we proudly display it on our walls for everyone to enjoy.

Handprint Artwork Handprint Artwork

Gnome House

Gnomes and their house stand at attention during "Fairy Week" at school.

Gnome House Gnome House

Sprouts Cooking

A young Sprout, helping get lunch ready for everyone to eat.

Sprouts Cooking Sprouts Cooking


The Saplings enjoying a healthy snack time.

Snacktime Snacktime

Outdoor Eating

Here are our Treehouse boys enjoying a meal outside

Outdoor Eating Outdoor Eating

Sapling Lunch Time

Here are some of our Saplings all ready to eat their lunch.

Sapling Lunch Time Sapling Lunch Time

Clean Up

Two friends cleaning up after lunchtime

Clean Up Clean Up

Being Goofy

Being silly at the Farm School

Being Goofy Being Goofy

Tree Climbing

Two of our big Treehouse kids climbing up the tree!

Tree Climbing Tree Climbing

Tree Fun

Hanging in a tree

Tree Fun Tree Fun

Outdoor Balance Beam

Balance Beam Fun

Outdoor Balance Beam Outdoor Balance Beam

Balance Log

The Farm Kids have a blast balancing on this log outside.

Balance Log Balance Log

Tree Rope Swing

Its always fun to swing from a tree rope swing

Tree Rope Swing Tree Rope Swing